Avalon Music

As fans of the game know, Avalon has a memorable MIDI soundtrack. The typical RPG music has been composed with MiGTracker Pro. You will find all the songs of the game below, which were recorded using the optimal soundfont settings and MP3 encoded. Note that some songs listed here are not used in the game. They were composed to be used but did not make it to the final release. To download a song, right-click on the link and choose 'save as'.

01 Chapter Change
02 The Village
03 Weapons Shop
04 Item Shop
05 The Forest
06 Battle
07 Big Boss Battle
09 The Sea
10 The Dark Room
11 Castle Entrance
12 Success
13 Game Over
14 The Castle
15 The Cave
16 Alien Village
17 (not used)
18 The Cellar
19 (not used)
20 Castle Garden
21 Empty Village
22 (not used)
23 The Mountains
24 The Beach
25 The Dungeon
26 Intro Demo
27 (not used)
28 The Gray Cave
29 (not used)
30 (not used)
31 The White Tower
32 Avalon is Saved
33 Village Saved
34 End Credits
35 Avalon Title (Voice)
36 The Dark Lord
37 End Demo
Remixes by Huepow00
Castle Garden
Intro Demo
The Beach
The Castle
Arrangements by filipmusic
The Sea
The Dark Room
Big Boss
Village Saved
Intro Demo
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